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Why Ghana Summer Program is critical


Based on 2018 Release of Provisional results for the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for school Candidates.

Number of Students who entered for the 2018 examination in Ghana=316,999

English---47% Passed, 53% Failed

Math-----38% Passed, 62% Failed

Science---51% Passed, 49% Failed


Number of Students to be supported this summer: 7776 Students.

Number of Teachers needed to support: 182 Teachers

Number of students a teacher can support: 30 Students

Support Summer Program in Ghana

Let's build a community of lifelong Readers.Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve reading for Ghanaian Children. 

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Sponsorship Opportunities

No amount too small but: 

If you donate $50 you will help educate a class of 30 students this Summer, 

If you donate $100 you will help educate a class of 60 students;

If you donate $150 you will help educate a class of 90 students; 

If you donate $200 you will help educate a class of 120 students; 


Every Additional $50 Educates 30 more students.

All Donations are Tax deductible. God bless you.

Bring summer reading/Vacation classes to your Classroom One Child, One Village at a time!

Start a summer reading project - Be awarded

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A Pathway of success and achievements

Creating Readers today for a better Ghana (Nzema)

Summer reading is critically important to prevent learning loss and low performance in the entire academic year? Let's assist the Nzema children with the appropriate reading materials to help improve their academic performance. You can be part of this initiative - There are two ways you can support this initiative

  • Donate towards this laudable initiative. (donate through PayPal above)
  • Become a Volunteer win an AWARD.   

What you need to become a Volunteer

  1. Your CV or Resume
  2. Three References (Names of three people who know you well)
  3. Name of the District you would like to serve.
  4. Name of town you are providing services.
  5. One paragraph explaining why you think you should be chosen for this opportunity. 
  6. Email your information.
  7. Receive your Award and Start impacting lives.