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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals by supplying reading and text books to children in underprivileged communities. 

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Everything Starts With Reading


Many students in Ghana have no access to reading material. They depend solely on teachers notes. Due to the struggle and pressure in studies, many students end up dropping out of school.  According to Researchers from the Consortium for Research on Education Access in Ghana, school drop-out rate is up 20% at primary level, and 45% at Junior High School Level. Recent survey shows that adult literacy rate in Ghana is 65% , with 71.7% males and 58.3% females according to the national statistics.  Elite Providers libraries/reading programs in the Ghanaian communities assist in quenching the thirst of reading and help reduce the school drop-out rate of Ghanaian children.

In Ghana, we are dedicated to serve over 3 million children living in the Nzema communities located in the Western part of Ghana, (Jomoro, EllembelLe, and Nzema East Districts). We ensure that each child living in these communities is geared towards quality and aggressive reading, living a testament to the warmth and spirit of the greatest Ghanaian leader Dr. Kwame Nkruma.

Nzema Libraries Project

"Nzema Libraries Project” was initiated by fellow Nzemas with a common goal to give back to the Nzema Communities in Ghana. The project is dedicated in opening free Libraries and Reading Centers in all Nzema communities in Jomoro, Ellembelle, and Nzema East Districts to provide basic educational materials essential for academic achievements.  The purpose of Nzema Libraries Project is to help school age children who do not have access to basic reading materials such as reading books, text books, e-books, and computers have access to them for a lifelong academic success​.

The main goal of the project is to boost reading in all parts of Nzema to motivate, inspire, and instill the love of reading in the children of Nzema-land. We are dedicated in creating a warm open environment where students feel safe enough to read, ask questions, explore, and seek answers. We challenge every student to surpass his/her personal reading abilities for a better future. We are particularly proud of the learning diversity and opportunities to celebrate those characteristics that makes Nzema Libraries Project different.

We would like to encourage everyone in Ghana and around the world to assist in fostering Nzema libraries Project and to become the change we perceive in our Mother-Land Ghana. We encourage the support of all Ghanaians, especially Nzemas in making a difference in the lives of children across the Nzema communities in Ghana.  

The Nzema libraries project will provide children a window into the world around them, and help them do better in all school subjects. Most importantly, the reading program will not only help the children to become better students, but better people in our communities. Through Elite Providers reading program, children will learn from the brightest people whenever they choose.

Elite Providers rely on the generous support from people like you. With you and our community in partnership, Elite Providers is committed to providing the highest quality library and reading program in our communities.
Your supports will encouraging our children to “Read  with Love, Grow with Knowledge, Succeed with Joy, and Lead with Excellence”.

With Nzema Libraries Project, we APPROACH every child as a special being with potential to grow as a prominent future leader.  We ASSIST each child to IMPROVE his/her reading competency. We CHALLENGE students to bring out their best, and to EMPOWER them to become astute future leaders.


In order for Elite Providers to meet its mission and provide quality services in the communities we serve, we are willing to partner with Government agencies,  Companies,  organizations, businesses , local schools, and individuals to support the Mission and Vision of the organization.  We can only achieve our goals with the support of the benevolent donors in our community. Without donations, serving children in the our communities would be impossible. 

We appeal to the above mentioned stakeholders to  make commitments to champion Elite Providers Reading a Mentoring Program and to donate to support its cause.   Your generosity and donation will make a tremendous difference in a child's life and the Nzema community as a whole. Be part of a changing community. Together we can do more. 

​What is needed to open one successful library in Ghana: Adopt a library Today.

1. Adequate Space
2. Reading books           
3. Text books
4. E-books
5. Computers
6. Furniture (Shelves, benches or chairs, tables)
7. Internet Service
8. Library staff and Volunteers​
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Buy Books for Students

Your generous donation will buy textbooks for SSS (Senior High School Students) students.

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