Why summer reading Lose Prevention is critically important

Did you know that Summer reading is critically important to prevent learning loss and low performance in fall and the entire academic year? Equipping your child with the appropriate reading materials will help improve vocabulary, fluency, spelling, and comprehension. 

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Avoid Summer Reading Slide

 Did you know that a reading child is the most successful adult?  Struggle readers and disadvantage readers fall behind every summer and get pulled down the more.  You don't want your child to get behind reading this summer!  Even if your child is behind grade level reading, we can help your child to role back into their reading lane this summer.  Get into the game of successful summer reading. Enroll your child into our team, we can motivate your child to become a life time rocket reader.

Summer Reading Facts

Building a Community of Lifelong Readers.

Children who read over the summer are most likely to improve their reading skills and gain more confidence over their reading for a life-long academic success. Summer reading prepares children for fall and the entire school year. 

Children who do not read during summer fall behind academically during fall and sometimes the school year. Summer Reading Loss leaves children spending weeks and months catching up with school work. 

Most Children drop out of school due to poor reading skills. Children who do not read by fourth grade are most likely to drop out of High School but a higher rate of summer reading leads to a higher graduation rate.

Our engaging Summer Reading helps children learn new skills that allows them to develop previously unseen talents, foster creativity, and innovation.​

Through Elite Providers  Summer Reading intervention program we prepare children for fall, the entire school year, and LIFE. Our Summer Reading program helps children to build their self-esteem, self confidence, and motivates children to become reading rockets ready to innovate.