What you get from the Conference!

At the end of the Conference, Your child will learn how   to use the skills learned to begin a fresh year. Youth Life and Leadership   Conference is to empower youth/teens to Unleash Their Inner Potentials, reach   their goals and build a stronger foundation, preparing them for the 2018-2019   school year, College and beyond.

Over the course of the conference, business and   professional leaders from the community will mentor the participants and work   with them in:

  • Knowing God’s Purpose for their lives;
  • Participants will learn to Empower themselves, Find   their Purpose, Believe in themselves, Take Action for their lives, Stand out   and Never give up on themselves;
  • Participants will learn to create their Vision board,   and Know their Worth;
  • Business and professional leaders will mentor the   participants and work with them on Developing their Leadership skills;
  • The Participant will learn to
  • Develop Self-Awareness techniques to better understand themselves   and their uniqueness, make changes to build on areas of strength while identifying   areas where they would like to make improvements.
  • Financial Literacy - Learning about Money and Banking;
  • There will also be practical exercises on building   confidence through mock Talk Show, Public Speaking, overcoming stage   fright as well as teaching strategies for successful youthful Life;
  • They will learn to Live Their Greatness with a changed   Mindset;
  • Overall, Participants will use the skills obtained at   the conference to TAKE ACTION and NEVER   GIVE UP on themselves.

During the conference, sponsors will be allowed to   showcase their business to their prospective future clients. The proceeds   from this charitable event will help to improve children’s reading above   their grade level as well as mentoring youth to become more productive,   successful in achieving their goals.

Tickets available on EVENTBRITE or call 404) 547 5385 

Sponsorship opportunities

Checkout out Sponsorship Opportunities available.  All Sponsorships/Donations are tax deductible.

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